Nucleus Colonies (Nucs)

Our nucleus colonies (nucs) come in a deep 5-frame wooden hive. They have 2-3 frames of brood, 1-2 frames honey, 1-frame of mixed pollen/honey and a robust healthy laying queen. We offer two varieties of nucs: 1) standard nuc and 2) overwintered nuc.

Our standard nuc is formed in the early spring with a young spring queen, the bees and brood may or may not be offspring of that queen.

Our overwintered nucs are establish in the late summer or early fall with a newly mated and laying queen. They are overwintered and and ready for sale in the spring. The bees and brood will be offspring of that queen.

I am taking orders for 2017. Call or email me to place an order and get on the list. The list is first in, first out.

2017 Prices:

Standard Nuc: $150.00

Overwintered Nuc: $165.00 (sold out 2017)

A $15.00 deposit on wooden nuc box will be added to the sale of each nuc and is refundable upon return of box. If you'd like, you can bring your own equipment and I will install the colony in it for you.

Nucs are for pick-up only, exceptions for large orders, call to discuss.

nucs in a row

strong nucs