Queen Bees

Our queens are selected based on their ability to survive our high desert climate, honey production and temperament. Our queens are picked for sale when they have capped brood and have a solid laying pattern. This is to assure that our queens are sold as well mated and healthy, not drone layers.

Typically our queens are available around the first of April and we continue to raise queens into late August. Since the demand is greater than my supply, please plan ahead if you wish to order a queen. Occasionally, I have queens on demand, but that is rare. We keep an up to date Utah Department of Agriculture Health Certificate for our apiaries and it is available upon request.

Price List: 2017
$35.00/queen for 1-5 queens
$32.50/queen for 6-15 queens
$30.00/queen for 16 or more queens
$1.00/queen for marking

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